About HP Invest

About Us

HP Invest is a company born out of necessity. With our global client base growing weekly the demand for more investments has never been greater; usually we would refer a client to a local company in the given country they are looking to invest in, in order to help find them the best investment. During Covid-19 conditions we found that we couldn’t find a company that was as effective and diverse as our team, and for us to deliver our high standard of service we would have to do it ourselves, hence the birth of HP Invest, the latest in the Harland & Poston Group focused purely on investments across Europe.

HP Invest is an investment marketplace for avid global citizens and investors, who expect financial returns and aim to gain an advantage in their investment portfolio. Here, we’ve made it easier for you to find the investment that suits your budget and receive a good ROI.

We are committed

We know that time is our investor’s most precious commodity and we tailor a team of professionals who will listen to your long-term goals and will help you select the best investments to achieve them.

We are global

Being a privately held company, we are able to deliver a broader and more varied choice of investments on a worldwide scale, which we believe will suit your needs better, our offices in Lisbon, Dubai, Vietnam, Hong Kong and London will allow us to meet you without you having to travel too far.

We are prudent

Our priority is to look after your investments both now and in the future, securing the right products for your short and long term needs.

Why choose us?

We take a personalized approach

For HP Invest, every client is unique and individual, with different criteria, assets, and most importantly, different objectives. Our underlying approach is to look after our clients with care and pay full attention to their long-term goals, ambitions, and plans.

We believe that market success can be accomplished by understanding global economic trends, and by translating our research into active asset class and sector views, by creating quality-biased portfolios in order to minimise downside risk for the client. Henceforth, we target and tailor clients’ needs, always measuring any risk that may lead to potential loss.

In order to prepare a relevant bespoke investment portfolio, we take the following approach:

  • We invest our efforts on a global scale, with a mid-to-long-term mindset
  • Take a proactive approach to manage and diversify risk
  • Investments are selected through valuation and market analysis while remaining mindful of technical dynamics
  • We focus on high-quality investments and attractive returns
  • We take a methodical approach when making decisions, allowing the necessary flexibility to respond to a constant changing world.

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